June, 2024
June 2024
Evido Attains Meta Certified Company Status
Evido Attains Meta Certified Company Status
News 09/02/2024 13:17

Evido is proud to announce its recognition as a Meta Certified Company, signifying its attainment of the highest level of Meta Certification. This esteemed status validates Evido’s expertise in Media Buying and Planning, specifically in Facebook Ads Solutions, showcasing the team’s advanced knowledge in campaign management and scaling strategies.

Evido not only met but exceeded the requirements for Meta Certified Company status, with over 90% of its team members certified in at least one Blueprint exam for Media Buying or Planning. This extensive certification coverage ensures that Evido’s current and prospective clients benefit from services and support provided by Meta-recognized experts:

Validation of Expertise. Recognition as a Meta Certified Company signifies that every member of the Evido team is an expert in Meta’s advertising technologies. This expertise enables Evido to innovate and refine solutions for advertising, such as expanding Audience Presets and devising top-tier scaling strategies.

Credibility Establishment. Meta’s endorsement of Evido as a company well-versed in advertising technologies at an expert level means that clients can trust Evido to address any technical advertising issues with confidence and proficiency.

Additionally, Evido’s extensive expertise enables the acceleration of market development and empowers marketers to achieve optimal results, including success in certification exams. To support this endeavor, Evido offers exam coupons to its Enterprise clients, providing them with educational materials and consulting services to enhance their skills and excel in their professional pursuits.

We are thrilled to achieve Meta Certified Company status. This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering innovative digital solutions to our clients and positions us as a trusted partner in the market.

Ruso Gigineishvili: Head of Client care at Evido

Evido is a marketing platform that operates in Armenia. Their mission is to take businesses’ Facebook and Instagram campaigns to the next level and enhance their teams’ expertise. They serve as a connector, bridging the gap between Meta’s vast marketing possibilities and the demands of the local market. Their services include consulting, support, and team education.

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