Scylla puts $4.9 million venture capital investment into global expansion of its AI physical security solutions and into the growth of its US and Armenian teams

Scylla, a leader in real-time physical threat detection solutions, has increased its product enhancements and hiring plans in the US and Armenia with the $4.9 million Seed Round fundraised money earlier this year. The investment will be used to fuel Scylla’s global expansion and make the proprietary AI-powered technology even more precise and versatile.

The Seed Phase investors Mucker Capital, BAJ Accelerator and the Hustle Fund support Scylla’s growth strategy.

Scylla’s technologies are used in the world’s leading manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, hospitals, airports. For example, “Daimler”, “Major League Basketball”, “Chicago Cubs”, “CCSD”, “Oman Airports Management Company”, etc.

“We are steadfast committed to empower the private security industry with more accurate and powerful physical threat detection solutions that help address critical issues and be proactive, rather than reactive when times matters,” stated Albert Stepanyan, CEO of Scylla. “The investment will allow us to accelerate our growth and bring our technology to more clients.”

”We backed up Scylla and their founders as we believe in the team and their mission,” said William Hsu, Co-Founder & Partner of Mucker Capital. “Scylla truly is a game-changer in the private security sector whose technology enables more effective public safety and homeland security. Scylla solutions have unparalleled accuracy, impressively filtering up to 99% of false positives.”

Scylla technology (video) empowers the private security industry with next-generation AI-powered solutions, including object detection, anomaly detection, object tracking in real-time, behavior recognition, perimeter intrusion detection, face recognition, thermal scanning, drone security, and more.

Scylla’s Armenia office employs more than 60 professionals. With the aim of expanding the team, the company announces the creation of new jobs for: DevOps Engineers, .NET Software Developers, Senior C++ Developers, Front-End Developers, Back-End Engineers, and Tech Support experts.

Founded in 2018, Scylla develops AI-powered real-time physical threat detection solutions that help organizations augment their security infrastructure, optimize operations, save costs, and increase their situational awareness. Using its proprietary technology, Scylla delivers its solutions with exceptional accuracy and performance, minimizing false alarms by up to 99%.

Since officially launching its solutions to the market in 2018, Scylla has experienced a major revenue growth and is now one of the leading real-time physical threat detection solutions on the global market.