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The Armenian tech community will award at WCIT 2019
The Armenian tech community will award at WCIT 2019
News 27/09/2019 15:38

The “Business Angel Network of Armenia” (BANA) has initiated a fundraising drive for the “Armenian Tech Community Prize” to award the best startup competition winners. All local IT companies can become a part of the Armenian tech community initiative for WCIT 2019.

This year, for the first time in its 40-year history, WCIT 2019 will host a series of “Lightning Rounds” where the winners will be awarded the Armenian Technology Communities Prize on behalf of the entire high tech community of Armenia.

With a prize purse of $105,000, the “Lightning Rounds” will provide entrepreneurs and innovators with a unique opportunity to showcase their startup ideas and new technologies before a global ICT audience as well as to attract new investments.

WCIT is expected to attract more than 2,500 participants from more than 70 countries including the leaders of the IT industry, CEOs, investors, distinguished speakers, policy makers, government officials, scientists and technologists.

WCIT 2019 is a unique opportunity for Armenia to showcase Armenian talent and potential in the fields of science and technology and claim its place as an innovation nation. The Armenian Tech Community will present the logos of all the members of the community on a huge media banner. Due to this initiative the Armenian tech community will perform as a unified ecosystem.

90 teams from Armenia and around the world have already applied to participate in the Lightning Rounds including the USA, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. Fifteen presenters will be selected by an international jury. The winners will be announced in Yerevan, at WCIT 2019 closing ceremony and awarded by the renowned representatives of the Armenian tech community.

The Lightning Rounds will take place on each day of the Congress, from 7-9 October. The international jury will consist of the honorable guests and speakers of the Congress. Each day 5 startups will make their presentations, from which only 2 will become winners. The first-place winner will receive $25,000, the second-place winner $10,000 purse.

“WCIT 2019 is a momentous event Armenian and the global tech scene. The success of the Congress will affect everyone, therefore, both WCIT and BANA teams are sure that IT industry representatives will acknowledge WCIT 2019 importance and possible impact on the Armenian innovation ecosystem and invest for making the international rounds reality. It’s time to show that Armenia has a united and powerful tech community which is able to support world class innovators.”- said Director of the Business Angel Network of Armenia, Grigor Hovhannisyan.

A number of companies and individuals, including DataArt, SmartClick AI, Rafa Solutions, AICA, Heltun, Seven Smarts, WiMedia, EasyDmarc, The Crowdfunding Formula, Himnark, have already made donations for the “Armenian Tech Community Prize” within the framework of the Lightning Rounds.

“We are particularly encouraged by the generous participation in the awards fund by smaller companies as well. By investing in this Awards they acknowledge their role as a full member of the Armenian IT community. The united prize of the tech community will become the face of the Armenian IT community all over the world,” said Project head of the “Lightning rounds” Emma Araqelyan.

To be a part of this historic event, the representatives of the Armenian tech community can contact BANA ([email protected]) to have their logo on the media banner, to receive a promo code or to get answers for any other questions.

Financial contribution can be sent to the special bank account created for this prize at Inecobank – 2052222084281006 (UATE). All community members will be regularly updated on the process of fundraising.